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Fibreglass Roofing in Sutton | A Modern System for Flat Roofs

GRP fibreglass roofing is an increasingly common application system and one that our own roofing contractors use as an alternative to felt. GRP is a plastic membrane reinforced with glass fibres and has incredible potential across a wide range of spectrums on flat roofs thanks to its versatility. DG Roofing & Building Services Ltd is proud to be one of the leading installers of GRP fibreglass roofing in Sutton, South West London and Surrey.


Some homeowners confuse GRP with conventional thermoplastic but the fibreglass roofing we install displays none of the disadvantages associated with lesser materials. GRP doesn’t melt and, with the addition of a coating, it provides properties in or around the Sutton area with fire-resistant flat roofs that have seven times the natural bend strength of steel.


Roofing contractors benefit from the material’s lightweight form and, because GRP absorbs energy so well, it has applications outside of the fibreglass roofing sector too. GRP fibreglass plays a vital role in the building of cars, boats and aeroplanes, and even undergoes use in the manufacture of baths – so GRP could be present in your home or business already.


The testimonials of our customers are the best reflection of the GRP materials we use.


GRP Fibreglass Roofing Installation


At DG Roofing & Building Services Ltd, we primarily use GRP fibreglass roofing for repairing flat roofs in Sutton and the surrounding areas but often recommend it for other structures such as outbuilding and car ports. Whatever the application, our roofing contractors have the training required to use GRP materials for making the strongest, most durable surface.


A typical fibreglass roofing installation runs as follows:


• We remove the existing surface and deck on flat roofs to expose the joists

• Our roofing contractors improve drainage by using timber firings

• Tough 18mm external grade ply replaces the old deck at your Sutton property

• The roofers fix the edging, flashing and fillet trims into place

• Matting impregnated with a resin forms a watertight membrane on the deck

• After curing, our roofing contractors add a pigmented topcoat

• We install lead or GRP flashing where the roof meets the wall

• Our team extends fibreglass roofing under the tiles if required

• The roofers gather all waste materials and remove them from site

• We leave Sutton properties with finished flat roofs that last for decades


GRP fibreglass roofing is, without a doubt, the next generation of flat roofing work and a surface that instantly resolves ongoing issues with cracked, crazed or leaking felt systems. Indeed, our roofing contractors regard GRP as a guaranteed and permanent solution for all problems on flat roofs in Sutton and the surrounding South West London and Surrey areas.


The seamless finish of GRP outlasts all conventional felt and bitumen systems to leave flat roofs looking attractive at a cost-effective price. Fibreglass roofing requires very little maintenance and installs easily without the use of hazardous torches or live flames.


Like EPDM RubberBond roofing materials, GRP systems allow for expansion and contraction thank to the advanced resins used by our roofing contractors. Home and business owners in Sutton and the surrounding areas benefit from true peace of mind at a value-for-money price with systems that architects, contractors and local authorities continually approve.


Call 020 3673 8892 or 07961 300012 to discuss GRP fibreglass roofing. DG Roofing & Building Services Ltd covers the whole of the Sutton area.

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