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RubberBond Roofing in Sutton | Perfect for Flat Roofs

DG Roofing & Building Services Ltd chooses EPDM RubberBond roofing as the perfect membrane for work on flat roofs. If you have a property with a leaking flat roof in Sutton or require a new installation further afield in Surrey or South West London, our roofing contractors will often recommend this popular single-ply membrane over traditional hot felt application systems. RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM is a Carlisle-Syntec USA product.


Carlisle-Syntec pioneered EPDM rubber as a membrane more than five decades ago, and has since developed the RubberBond roofing brand to produce a product with exceptional durability and lasting weather protection. The roofing contractors at DG Roofing & Building Services Ltd use RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM on flat roofs of any size and complexity, including garages, residential properties and commercial premises in the Sutton area.


RubberBond roofing has a unique fleece backing and installs easily over any type of deck structure, including existing surfaces. It is equally as suitable for new installations as it is as a repair system. The performance of single-ply EPDM membranes and the supporting range of accessories make them the ideal choice for flat roofs, green roofs and roofing terraces.


Flat Roofs and Repairs


Our roofing contractors resolve problems at properties in Sutton, South West London and Surrey using EPDM RubberBond roofing because it repels moisture so well and never cracks or crazes. At DG Roofing & Building Services Ltd, we use EPDM to replace the existing surfaces on flat roofs, on new builds, for property extensions and on roofing terraces.


• Twice the strength and durability of standard EPDM

• Twice the thickness of standard EPDM

• Supplied and fitted by trained roofing contractors


Roofing Replacement


Older felt-based roofs perish easily, especially in harsh weather conditions or when exposed to constantly changing temperatures. RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM withstands wind, rain, extreme heat and bitterly cold conditions – irrespective of how small or large flat roofs in Sutton or the surrounding areas happen to be. You can even walk on it after fitting.


• Fast installation times result in less disruption

• Safe fitting system with no heat or flames

• Insurance-backed warranties and a long lifespan


Durable and Protective


The best roofing contractors use RubberBond roofing for the quality of its EPDM and the added fleece backing that reinforces its strength. The overall result is a tough, durable and protective covering for flat roofs which provides customers in the Sutton area with reassurance, confidence and peace of mind – at a fair and competitive installation prices.


• Seam tape is 70% stronger than standard EPDM membranes

• A full 3mm of protective fleece backing for reinforcement

• Installation times are 75% faster with no creases or imperfections


Perfect for all Applications


RubberBond roofing has full technical backing from the manufacturer so our roofing contractors never start work in Sutton or the surrounding areas without a full understanding of the project scope. Architects and companies choose RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM to repair, replace or install flat roofs in greater numbers thanks to its strength and versatility.


• Durability assessments show “as-new” performance after three decades

• BBA approved with an expected 35-year lifespan

• Full design flexibility to optimise the full potential of flat roofs


Call 020 3673 8892 or 07961 300012 to discuss EPDM RubberBond roofing. DG Roofing & Building Services Ltd covers the whole of the Sutton area.

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